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The remaining 50% equity interest in Ningbo Hualete is owned as to 25% by Roekona and Zoeppritex, respectively, which are Independent Third Parties.
The remaining 49% equity interest in Shanghai Huaxin is owned as to 30% by Shanghai Automobile Air conditioner Factory and 19% by Shanghai Beicai Industrial Co., Ltd., which are Independent Third Parties. Further, Shanghai Huaxin is interested in 45% equity interest of Shanghai Baodegu Plastic Science and Technology Co., Ltd, a company established in the PRC with limited liability on 14 June 1995 which principally engages in manufacturing and selling of automobile plastic parts, including air conditioning unit casings and battery casings, and plastic materials for daily use.
The remaining 50% equity interest in Changchun Huaxiang Faurecia is owned by Faurecia (China) Investment Company Limited, which is an Independent Third Party