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Huazhong offers one-stop solution to its customers, from the design and manufacture of moulds and tooling for mass production of specific products to the development and manufacture of new products which meet its customers’ functional requirements and specifications. Huazhong supplies its products to customers on project-by-project basis, based on the product development, commercial production and market rollout plans of each product, and its sales are made on the basis of individual production orders or contracts.

Huazhong offers a wide range of automobile body parts, including internal and external structural and decorative parts (such as front/rear bumper, front-end carrier, dashboard, ABCD-pillars, air inlet grille and rocker panel), air conditioning unit casings and liquid tanks through its subsidiaries and jointly controlled entities. Huazhong also manufactures fabric used for ABCD-pillar and headliner for automobile through one of its jointly controlled entities, Ningbo Hualete. Ningbo Huazhong Moulding, being one of its principal operating subsidiaries, has been producing moulds and tooling for its manufacturing arm, with the ability to produce moulds and tooling for complex or large-size automobile body parts such as bumper and front-end carrier. Huazhong also supplies moulds and tooling to third party purchasers, such as automakers and other automobile body parts manufacturers. Apart from automobile-related products, Huazhong also manufactures other products such as top cowl cover for engine of motorboat and office chair parts.