Business Overview
Products Center
Production Base
Customer Base
Research & Development
Competitive Advantages
Growth Strategies
1. Existing Production Facilities and Capacities Expansion
Region Plan Expansion Details Expected Date of Production
Newly Built Production Facilities
Hangzhou Bay Hualete Plant Build a new plant of 18,000 square meters The new plant will design , develop and produce (include weaving , dyeing and post-production) car roof fabric and high-end sunroof Early 2017
Qingdao Plant Build a new plant of 15,000 square meters The new plant will produce mainly Bora NQB pillars and other automotive interior decorative parts Mid 2017
Tianjin Plant Build a new plant of 20,000 square meters The new plant will cater the production for the major manufactures such as FAW – VOLKSWAGEN End of 2017
Foshan Plant Expand the gross area of Phase II of the plant by 5,000 square meters Expand the existing production facilities, and build staff quarters End of 2017

2. Efforts in Product R&D and Product Engineering
To increase the investment of product R&D and enhance product engineering, with a focus on the development of new products with high potential and the related technological engineering

3. Strategic Investment
To enhance the Group’s moulds and tooling qualities through acquisition of local or overseas precision moulds manufacturers

4. Strategically Tapping into the Smart and Connected Vehicle Market
According to the “The 2016 Chinese Automobile Industry Development Report”, the automotive industry is now undergoing an innovative breakthrough. Auto intelligentization has created an all-round influence on the automobile industry chain , with the smart and connected vehicles clarifying the trend of intelligent car products. The development of the smart and connected vehicles becomes a vanguard of the national strategy. Ningbo Huatai Telematics Technology Co., Ltd., the subsidiary of Huazhong In-Vehicle Holdings Company Limited, was established in April 2015 in the Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The Group has the world’s leading Internet of Vehicles technology, with a top notch R&D team comprising of local and overseas experts at master’s and doctoral levels. The Group’s focus on the development of in-vehicle technology, intelligent transportation technology, Internet of Vehicles systems, smart terminal operation systems, as well as the R&D, production and sales of in-vehicle facilities is Huazhong In-Vehicle’s key strategic deployment to enter into the smart and connected vehicle market.